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Protect Your Facility From Energy Loss and Weather Extremes

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Energy Guard

Dock positions and doors without proper protections are potential weak points in your facility. Taken as a whole, even the smallest gap between dock leveler and pit or rollup door and track can:

  • Increase Energy Bills by Allowing Hot or Cold Air to Escape Your Facility.
  • Allow Debris To Enter and Damage Equipment.
  • Permit Rodents and Insects To Enter Your Facility, with Possible Regulatory Implications.

Energy Guard provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of the dock leveler and blocks dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevents energy loss. The innovative design closes off the gaps between the leveler and concrete pit walls that are typically missed by traditional weather seal or under-leveler seals attached to the front of the dock leveler. Energy Guard prevents the mass flow of air, minimizing the transfer of heat and energy into and out of the facility.

Modern can provide your organization with many cost effective and durable solutions from Kelley Entrematic and other industry trusted suppliers.
The result is a tailored remediation strategy which addresses your facility’s exact needs.

Dock Seals & Shelters

Kelley Dock Shelters help protect your assets and your people from the elements while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for a safe and productive dock. Dock shelters also help maintain temperatures in climate-controlled facilities, adding to the energy savings benefits. The flexible structures can withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall for years of reliable performance.

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