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Bandit Chipper and Stump Grinder Maintanance and Safety

Proper maintenance of your Bandit machine isn’t just good practice, it has serious implications for your business and those who work for you. Following just a few simple guidelines and procedures you can both protect your machine from depreciation and your company from liability.

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The safety of chipper operators and tree care crews is of paramount importance to Modern Equipment & Supply and Bandit Industries. It is tragic that in our industry there have been an increasing number of injuries and deaths involving winch lines and climbers ropes entering hand-fed chippers.

Once drawn in a rope, winch line, vine, or other debris wraps around the disc or drum at an incredible rate. This means the line and anything attached to it will suddenly be pulled into the chipper’s in-feed at nearly 200 feet per second. In many cases this simply does not provide the reaction time necessary to prevent serious injury or death.

This is why Bandit Industries has developed the patent pending Shear Bar Device for drum-style chippers and the Disc-style chipper shear device and have made them standard on all new Bandit chippers.

These devices when properly installed and maintained by a Bandit dealer act to cut the rope, line or vine as soon as it becomes engaged with the cutting system. The result is a dramatically reduced the risk of debris or workers being drawn towards the chipper’s in-feed.

After extensive testing, it can be concluded that machines equipped with a Shear Bar can offer an improved chance that the line can be severed, detached, or deflected from the chipping system in a potential accident situation, which may prevent a serious injury, prevent death, or reduce the extent of a serious injury

If your Bandit Chipper does not have a Shear Bar system, you are not sure if it does, or you are not sure when the last time it has been adjusted by an authorized Bandit dealer CONTACT MODERN EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY IMMEDIATELY.

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