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The Advantages of Choosing Carer

With almost 40 years of experience in designing, developing and making large-capacity electric forklift trucks, Carer can offer products that, thanks to their excellent performance, considerable operating time and savings in terms of running and energy costs, represent a valid alternative to internal combustion forklift trucks.

In the niche market of equipment used to handle extremely heavy loads, where most of the big manufacturers can only offer internal combustion machines, Carer is one of the very few companies in the world that can provide optimal solutions to this specific kind of handling method with forklift trucks operated exclusively with electric means.

Why Choose an Electric Forklift Truck Made by Carer?

In short, Carer’s electric forklift trucks offer all the benefits associated with using electric technology without affecting top performance levels and long operating time.

  • No harmful emissions for the environment and worker health
  • Less vibrations and noise
  • Greater energy efficiency compared with internal combustion engines
  • Lower running costs

Reducing Running Costs

Buying one of Carer’s forklift trucks means investing now and saving money in future. As a matter of fact, considering that the cost of purchasing a forklift truck only accounts for a minimal amount on the overall running costs of the machine, it is even easier to understand how much money an electric forklift truck saves you.

By investing more in the financial part associated with the purchase or rental of one of Carer’s forklift trucks, there are considerable savings on future running costs.

Carer’s Range of Electric Forklifts

With a range of products reaching areas unattainable by most global manufacturers, Carer positions itself on the market with a range of standard products – consolidated and in line with applications used in the main sectors – and a SPED department to design and make special machines that meet specific handling needs.


1.6 Kg

F60-80 H

6-8 Kg

F60-80 HD

6-8 Kg

Z25 HD

2.5 Kg

Z60-80 H

6-8 Kg

Z80/900 H – Z100 H

8 Kg

Z100-120 HD

10-12 Kg

Z150 H

15 Kg

R45-60 H



12-16 Kg

KR45-60 H

4.5-6 Kg

KF60-80 H

6-8 Kg

KF60-80 HD

6-8 Kg


10-12 Kg

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